Course Description

chemistry-header-02Grades 7 & 8

The material to be covered within each of the terms is a survey. Although there will be some areas that  will be covered in great detail, others will simply get a cursory glance.  A typical Middle School course covers approximately 40 chapters of material in over 120 hours.  This course will be an excellent adjunct to additional work within the field of Chemistry but cannot stand alone as a replacement for a traditional Middle School curriculum.

  • The Nature of Matter
    • How do we measure matter?
    • How do we classify matter?
      • Elements
      • Compounds
      • Mixtures – homogeneous and heterogeneous
    • Physical changes and the 4 states of matter
    • Chemical changes
  • The Atom
    • Parts of an atom – electrons, protons, and neutrons
    • The construction of atoms and how the electrons fit in the shells
    • How structure relates to properties
    • The periodic table
    • Families or groups of atoms
  • Molecules
    • How do atoms form molecules?
    • Ionic bonds
    • Covalent bonds
    • Chemical reactions
    • Chemical equations
  • Carbon Chemistry
    • The carbon atom
    • How carbon forms bonds
    • Organic chemistry – the chemistry of life
    • Polymers