Course Description

biology-header-01Biology Level 2

Grades 9-12

The material to be covered within each of the terms is a survey. Although there will be some areas that will be covered in great detail, others will simply get a cursory glance.  A typical High School course covers approximately 40 chapters of material in over 120 hours.  This course will be an excellent adjunct to additional work within the field of Biology but cannot stand alone as a replacement for a traditional High School curriculum.

  • Term 1
    • Earth Space Science
      • Geology
      • Oceans
      • Atmosphere
      • Space



  • Term 3
    • Life Science
      • Understand the process of classification and organization
      • Basic insights into the process of evolution
      • Ecosystem and energy flow
      • Cell structure and function
      • Human body structure and function
      • Energy flows and matter recycles through an ecosystem
      • The growth of scientific knowledge in Life Science has been advanced through the development of technology and is used to identify, understand and solve local and global issues.


  • Term 4
    • Physical Science
    • Chemistry
    • Physics